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These are a few of my personal writing projects.

The opening chapter from my latest novel entitled "The Astronaut's Boy." A young boy, Darryl, who lives in a small Texas town tries to find his dad after he's convinced his dad has found a way to launch himself into space.

The screenplay from my short film "No-Good Maxine." A poor woman in a rural community starts finding necessities—food, diapers, clothes—in a culvert or drainage ditch near her home. They seem to appear there out of nowhere and seem to be meant for her. Have they been put there by magic? A higher power? And more importantly, does she deserve this mysterious help?

Scripts I can't show:
- My feature screenplay "The Whistleblower" which is under option with LA's Humble Pictures. The Whistleblower is a feature dramedy about a widowed high school basketball referee, Judd, whose life is sent further off course when he's forced to fix basketball games by a foul-mouthed grandma, leading him into a web of illicit activities that threatens his ego, his relationships, and his standing in the quirky small town he's always loathed.
- Another feature screenplay—"For Thee We'll Fight"—about the greatest high school basketball team ever to play in the state of Florida. This script is currently in development with Fieldhouse Media.

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