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Josh O'Dell

Creative Director
& Writer



(and all-around useful guy)

Featured work

I led a creative team that reinvigorated a serious legacy brand by being a little silly.

This is me

Colorado-based creative leader and storyteller. Purveyor of sharp, strategic ideas. Mentor and culture builder. Project leader. Dynamic pitch person. Trusted collaborator. Experience across platforms and channels. Always looking to improve—myself and the work. Video production veteran. Former creative writing teacher. Sneaker head. Homemade ice cream aficionado. Child advocate volunteer. Family man.

Expertise in:

// Creative direction
// Ideation & concepting
// Scriptwriting
// Copywriting
// Creative strategy
// On-set direction
// Interviewing



*I am more than the sum of my clients

I've been published in a few places. My screenplays have been optioned. I once wrote a series of dialogues between me and my cat ... I'll spare you from that.



People seem to like me 

"What I admire most about Josh is his ability to be a true strategic partner, adding a ton of value to every project we worked on together. 


Josh's work is simply exceptional - he has a rare talent for crafting content that is both unique and clever, with a distinct personality that is engaging and memorable."

Jen Chestnutt

Sr. Director of Demand Gen, RealPage

"He's a deeply thoughtful and talented creative lead with an incredible skillset to offer. I've worked with him on initiatives spanning from content planning to script writing to creative concepting, and have yet to see him give less than his best. Clients love him. He's calm under pressure, unfailingly kind, and a joy to work with."

Amy McKeel

Account Director, Ogilvy

"Sorry to all the other people I've worked with, but he stands head and shoulders above the rest. Literally and metaphorically. A gifted CD and a breathtaking writer, Josh brings everything everyday and leaves nothing in the tank."

Avi Schaffer

Creative Director, Sanders/Wingo

We should say hi

(and then make something rad together)




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